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Energy efficiency and conservation electricians, also referred to as energy savings electricians, are experts in streamlining electrical systems to lower energy usage and raise total energy efficiency.
BES Electrical Limited can offer energy savings consultancy services which is part of their Electricians In Coventry services.

Energy savings electricians put policies and technology into place that assist customers and companies in conserving energy and lessening their environmental effect.
To help illustrate this here are some typical jobs and duties for electricians that specialise in energy savings:

Energy Audits:

Examining a facility’s present energy consumption through energy audits. This include assessing the effectiveness of other electrical components, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, and lighting.


Making suggestions for energy-saving enhancements and modifications in accordance with the results of energy audits. This could entail recommending the use of smart building technologies, energy-efficient lighting, and other energy-saving techniques.

Energy-efficient lighting systems, such as LED lighting, can be installed. Additional energy-saving technology, such occupancy sensors and programmable thermostats, can also be included.

Electrical System Upgrading:

To increase efficiency, modifications to electrical systems should be suggested and put into action. Installing energy-efficient motors, transformers, and other parts may be necessary for this.

Integration of Solar and Renewable Energy:

Creating and implementing renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels, to enhance or replace conventional electricity sources. This might entail tying these technologies into the
current electrical grid.

Power factor correction is the process of determining and resolving power factor problems to raise electrical system efficiency. Power factor correction techniques can lower energy losses and enhance system performance in general.

Installing and setting up energy management systems will help firms monitor and regulate their energy use more successfully. The integration of smart metres and other monitoring tools may fall under this category.

Optimising the distribution of electrical loads to avoid overloading and raise system efficiency overall is known as load balancing. Installing load management systems or dispersing loads may be necessary for this.

Enhancements to HVAC Efficiency:

Working with HVAC specialists to maximise the effectiveness of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is important because these systems frequently account for a large portion of the
total energy used.

Education and teaching:

Educating and teaching clients and building occupants on energy-saving techniques and technology utilisation.

Monitoring and Analysis:

To find areas for additional enhancements and modifications, patterns of energy usage should be continuously observed and analysed.

Typical Energy saving electrical services

One easy and quick strategy to save energy costs is to upgrade your lighting. Up to five times as many modern LED lights are energy-efficient as conventional bulbs. It’s been reported that installing new LED bulbs can save electricity costs by 80%. With our understanding of the newest smart devices, additional savings may be possible.

Intelligent ballasts that use less energy when the light is dimmed can also be installed in sensor-controlled light fixtures, which dim automatically when there is more natural light and turn off automatically when no one is around.

It is also possible to have this kind of system completely automated, which eliminates the need for manual switches and the custom of turning on all of the lights in the morning and leaving them on until the last person departs.
The lights are only used when necessary in this manner.

Energy savings electricians play a crucial role in helping businesses and individuals reduce their energy costs, minimize environmental impact, and comply with energy efficiency standards.
The results can be huge savings for clients. This electrical service is one that is often forgotten but as responsible Electricians in Coventry we continue to push for such eco friendly electrical systems.

We service the area of Coventry including Allesley, Chapelfields, Coundon, Tile hill, Holbrooks, Bell Green, Foleshill, Wyken and Binley.

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