Temporary site electrical services

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The electrical infrastructure and systems set up on a building site, event venue, or any other area where a temporary requirement for electricity emerges are referred to as temporary site electrical services.
This service is one that is offered by BES Electrical Limited who are electricians in Coventry.

These services are intended to supply power for construction, events, or other short-term operations that do not yet have a permanent electrical installation in place.

The following are typical components of on site temporary site electrical services:

The installation of distribution panels, transformers, and cabling to transmit energy from a power supply to various places on the site.

Portable generators are frequently utilised to offer a dependable supply of electricity where no permanent electrical grid is available.

These generators are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to satisfy the site’s specific power requirements.

Wire and Cabling:

Temporary electrical wire is used to connect power sources, distribution panels, and outlets to electrically powered devices and equipment. High-voltage wiring for heavy machinery is included, as is low-voltage wire for lighting, power tools, and other equipment.


On construction sites and event locations, temporary site lighting is critical for guaranteeing safety and visibility. Overhead lighting, floodlights, and other devices are examples of temporary lighting solutions.

Electrical safety is critical on temporary sites, and procedures such as grounding, insulation, and circuit protection are implemented to prevent electrical risks and safeguard the safety of workers and visitors.

Electrical outlets are carefully positioned across the site to supply electricity for tools, equipment, and appliances. This features 120-volt outlets as well as higher voltage outlets for heavy gear.

Monitoring and control systems may be included in some temporary site electrical services to manage power distribution, detect issues, and ensure efficient power usage.

Who requires on-site electrical services?

A variety of sectors and organisations use on site temporary site electrical services when they need temporary electrical power solutions for projects, events, or activities.

Among the most common customers of temporary electrics are:

Construction Companies:

Temporary electrical services are frequently required on construction sites to power construction machines, tools, and on-site offices. Until permanent electrical systems are installed, these services are critical during the construction of buildings, infrastructure, and other projects.

Event organisers and planners: Outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs, trade exhibits, and sporting events all require temporary electrics. They provide electricity to stages, lights, sound systems, food vendors, and other event infrastructure.

Film and television productions usually necessitate temporary electrical power for lighting, cameras, equipment, and on-set facilities. To address these demands, generators and temporary electrical distribution are routinely deployed.

Temporary electrical services are installed during catastrophes or natural disasters to supply electricity to relief centres, field hospitals, and disaster response operations.

Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities:

Industrial plants may require Temporary site electrical services during maintenance, equipment upgrades, or when more power capacity is required for specific projects.

Remote and Temporary Work Sites:

Industries such as mining, drilling, and agriculture may require temporary electrics at remote or temporary work sites where a permanent electrical grid is not accessible.

Pop-up stores, food trucks, and other mobile companies frequently rely on temporary electrical services to power their operations.

Temporary Electrical Services for specialised Construction Projects:

This can include temporary electrical services for specialised construction projects such as bridge construction, tunnelling, or temporary installations such as amusement park attractions.

Infrastructure projects such as road construction, tunnelling, and bridge construction may necessitate temporary site electrics for equipment and illumination.

BES Electrical Limited are known as Electricians in Coventry. We service every Coventry neighbourhood, including Bell Green, Foleshill, Wyken, Binley, Radford and Tile Hill.

However for onsite temporary electrics we are aware that we will need to travel a lot further to provide these.

If you require temporary site electrics please call us or complete oir enquiry. We will get back to you and hopefully we can help you with that requirement.

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